medication adherence &

patient convenience add-on services

Medication Adherence & Patient Convenience Add-On Services

Medication Adherence & Patient Convenience Add-On Services

Perhaps you are already operating a busy, well-functioning pharmacy whose current services are streamlined and running smoothly. And you may be wondering what’s next on the horizon – how can we take what is already going well and add onto that to make it even better? As healthcare continues to be dynamic and evolving, it’s likely you’ve recently been asked by loyal customers, employees, or other business stakeholders whether you can provide XYZ service that would make life easier from a patient access and medication compliance perspective. Why not explore what possibilities await that would be viewed as valuable and customer-focused while also financially viable for your business?

Our experts have spent years in a variety of practice settings where they had to be proactive, nimble, and creative to anticipate the needs and wishes of various stakeholders (homebound seniors, pediatric patients and families, C-Suite decision-makers, patients with limited transportation and access to care, etc. to name a few). By lending our expertise and lived experience in successfully identifying opportunities and implementing those initiatives, we can partner with you to transform your business and realize new revenue streams. We can help you determine which patient-centered services may be right for your pharmacy to offer and partner with you to get them implemented quickly and appropriately for sustained customer satisfaction and improved health outcomes.

Now is the time to inch another step closer to becoming that one stop shop for the patients and communities you serve. Contact us today to help you realize your potential.

A non-exhaustive list of Medication Adherence and Patient Convenience Add-On Services options to consider

  • Meds to Beds
    Delivering outpatient/discharge prescriptions with medication use consultation to patients in the hospital before they leave

  • Prescription curbside delivery, drive-thru window, & courier services
    patients can pick up prescriptions and receive consultation without leaving their vehicle; prescriptions can be delivered by driver to a location convenient to patient (home, work, etc.)

  • Prescription mail order/mail delivery
    offering this service on a small or large scale as an option to patients improves medication adherence, pharmacy prescription through-put, customer satisfaction, and pharmacy revenues

  • Medication synchronization & autorefill
    med sync/cycle fill occurs when retail pharmacy coordinates most/all of a patient’s medication refills to occur on the same day each month; autorefill occurs when a patient authorizes the pharmacy to refill maintenance prescriptions routinely when they are due without the patient having to manually request the refill

  • Mediset Program/Bubble Packaging
    pharmacy provides patients with pre-filled customized containers of medication, usually organized and dispensed every 7 days; ideal for patients taking 4 or more medications daily

  • Medication return program/drug take back services
    allows the public a free, safe place for unwanted medications to be returned by utilizing a drop box or kiosk to deposit the unused medications

  • Veterinary medication services
    offering select pet medications at community pharmacies is a convenient and cost-effective alternative to pet owners needing to purchase these medications directly from the veterinary office or through an online pharmacy

  • Natural medicines
    integrating vitamins, herbal and homeopathic supplements into traditional western medicine treatment modalities has demonstrated positive health and wellness outcomes for many patients