pharmacy operational performance


pharmacy operational performance


Pharmacy Operational Performance

When setting out to optimize a pharmacy’s operational performance, three key objectives come to mind:  control costs, generate revenue, and improve care and patient outcomes. The scope of “Pharmacy Operations” is far-reaching, encompassing resources such as people, materials, equipment, capital, information and technology that are essential to the provision of pharmaceutical services in patient care delivery. Leaders who demonstrate a deep understanding of and commitment to a pharmacy’s operational well-being will be well on their way to achieving continuing success.

Pharmacy infrastructure, systems, and personnel solutions

The heartbeat of a thriving business largely depends on laying a strong foundation of qualified, capable people working together toward common purpose in a collaborative and efficient way. The competitive edge is generally achieved when the company invests in up-to-date equipment and tools to enable its workforce to do what they do best with minimal waste. A company focused on its people and committed to innovation is best equipped to achieve long-lasting success and results everyone involved can be proud of. Let us help you get there.

Personnel/Workforce Support

It starts with people. Whether you’re an independent community pharmacy owner/operator, senior executive of a sprawling multi-discipline health system, or somewhere in between, you have likely come to realize that an engaged, healthy, and highly skilled workforce is the keystone to a company’s success. We can help you hire right the first time and retain the talent by offering the following services:

Pharmacy infrastructure evaluation & assessment

We will do a deep dive into your current state organizational structure and workplace culture make strategic recommendations tailored to your specific needs

  • Restructuring and position realignment
    consult on establishing clear reporting and accountability structures through review, revision, and/or creation of job descriptions and ensuring smooth transitions to maintain productivity and morale
  • Talent acquisition/recruitment & retention
    advise on candidate sourcing, screening, interviewing, assessment, job description and posting strategies as well as establishing a path to promotion/career ladder opportunities
  • Compensation
    analysis of pay grades comparative to market data, total compensation structure, performance review process with merit and bonus/incentive design
  • Performance management tools – audit and advise on goal setting, performance review practices, and progressive discipline process
  • Employee Onboarding
    develop/enhance training tools, competency checklists, and employee manuals for reducing regrettable turnover and improving new staff accuracy, productivity, and sense of belonging
  • Change Management
    Implementing any of the aforementioned services can be disruptive to team dynamics and operations, so we will provide resources and coaching to help leaders and employees navigate these uncertain waters

Workflow and operational analysis

By applying LEAN principles through observation/data collection, review of metrics, and workforce interviews, we will get a sense of existing operational workflows and utilization of pharmacy information systems and automation. Based on findings we will formulate recommendations to improve accuracy and workflow, save labor costs, maximize space, and enhance efficiencies that create capacity for service growth

    • FTE review – assess staffing model, skills mix, labor budget variance, scheduling practices and conduct a position control report
    • Workflow and physical space assessment – complete a spaghetti diagram to visualize flow/movement of products, information, and people completing various tasks in a confined space and identify areas of waste, redundancy, or inefficiency
    • Pharmacy Information Technology Systems and Automation – evaluate all pharmacy software platforms and hardware used for medication dispensation/distribution, inventory management, counting, packaging, record-keeping, patient communication, point of sale, etc. and provide additional expertise in the following:
      • Pharmacy data conversion planning that includes staff training, technical dress rehearsal, and cutover support
      • Pharmacy system integration and interface management system
      • Capital budget planning and development
      • Vendor Request for Proposal (RFP) assistance
      • Strategic planning and workflow implementation
      • Cyber-attack/intrusion prevention
      • Downtime procedure implementation and assessment

Company policy and procedure review and development

We will review existing company policies and procedures as well as Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and conduct a crosswalk of what is required by local, state, and federal agencies for your business. We will then provide the following services based on best practices and tailored to your preferences:

  • Provide SOP templates – stock or custom
  • Partner directly with company’s subject matter experts to update current policies and create new policies
  • Determine workflow and ownership structure to ensure timely review and revision
  • Create communication pathway to disseminate changes or new SOPs to workforce
  • Explore technological solutions for ease of document management